Since time is of the essence, we employ innovative technology and pay close attention to detail to get the water out of your property quickly, dry the items within it, disinfect where necessary, and return the humidity levels to normal to prevent further damage. Eastern Water Restorations is your go-to water damage company.

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After a flood, storm, a plumbing issue, or a roof leak, there may be water damage to your walls, carpeting, subflooring, and insulation, among other home elements. Your Eastern Water Restorations expert will conduct a free evaluation to determine what may be saved and what cannot. We will next establish a drying strategy and work with your insurance carrier to determine the out-of-pocket costs associated with restoring your house to its original condition.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we are happy to maintain a one-hour response time. All of our inspectors and restorers are certified, and we will work with your insurance carrier to reduce out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.

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Accidents and calamities generally strike without warning. More often than not, the time window for reacting and preventing your property from becoming significantly damaged is short. When the damaged property is your business and every second counts monetarily, time becomes the most valuable asset to be salvaged. We’re here to help you anytime you need us, no matter what hour, day of the week, or holiday it is. We share your worry and sense of urgency.

Unlike the majority of competitors in the business, not only are our company and project managers accredited, but so are our technicians. The people who devote their hands and minds to the restoration and repair of your property. You would not put your health in the hands of unqualified doctors, so why should you put your house or business in the hands of unqualified water damage restoration company? 

Our process includes in-depth water removal and dehumidification. If you’ve experienced sewage damage, we’ll repair it. There’s nothing that our motivated team at Eastern Water Restorations can’t and won’t do to help homeowners and business owners get their properties back to its deserved conditions.


Our reviews speak for themselves. We’d worked with so many customers, helping them restore their properties, that we’ve perfected the water damage restoration process. Just see it for yourself.

Eastern Water Restorations team was professional and easy to work with. They went above and beyond to resolve any water damage problems in our residence. Their prices were excellent, and their service was even better. This was one of the most difficult challenges we've ever faced in our home, but they treated us like family and made the process a little easier to bear. I really suggest using this company.
Donald Hunter
Incredible response time. I discovered water seeping through my vinyl plank flooring on the evening of Saturday, and they were at my home by midday on Sunday! The workers were wonderful. I had never encountered anything like this and was, to say the least, overwhelmed, but they were all extremely nice and patient as they walked me through each stage of the procedure. I cannot recommend them more strongly!
Mike Hughes
The crew was quick, competent, thorough, and most importantly, trustworthy. They swiftly arrived to a late-night house call and provided rapid feedback and next steps to repair our water damage. Their crew arrived on-site the following morning and maintained communication throughout the duration of the project until it was completed successfully. I wholeheartedly endorse this crew.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

If you’re experiencing an emergency situation and don’t have the time to sit through and read the entire website, just give us a call using a number below!

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We Provide Water Damage Restoration Services in the Following Cities: