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Fire damage restoration Orlando, Florida

The first 48 hours following a fire are crucial. We assess the type of items burned and use the optimal cleaning strategy. We respond quickly to prevent acidic soot from causing further damage and smoke odor from settling into walls, floors, furniture, and other surfaces. For emergency smoke and fire damage restoration in Orlando FL, call Eastern Water Restorations!

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Orlando Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Even on lesser scales, fire damage in Orlando FL can be catastrophic. Both severe heat damage and smoke damage can result from fire, and while the heat damage is controlled more closely to the area of the flames, smoke damage can travel considerably further throughout any property. Fire damage isn’t something anyone anticipates, but it may happen out of nowhere, whether it’s the consequence of an electric fire, a culinary accident, or something else. When you suffer fire damage, our Orlando fire damage restoration personnel are highly skilled professionals prepared to help you restore your property to its pre-loss condition. We are able to execute immediate repairs, isolate damaged areas to prevent further damage, and carry out an extensive cleanup and restoration procedure that involves removing the damage, restoring goods that can be preserved, and thoroughly sanitizing the area.

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Fire Damage Restoration Company Orlando FL

You have a lot on your plate after a fire. The search for a reliable fire damage restoration company in Orlando shouldn’t be one of them. We at Eastern Water Restorations, the leading Florida restoration company, are aware of how difficult this time may be, but our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the repairs and reduce some of your worry.

We are specialists in the fire damage restoration procedure. We know what it takes to rebuild your property and can assist you in returning to the comforts of home as soon as possible thanks to our 20+ years of experience in fire damage restoration, construction, and remodeling, as well as our comprehensive understanding of the insurance claims process.

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What Causes FIRE Damage

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, and our personal experience in restoring fire damage for clients, the most common causes of fire damage are:


Cooking was the cause of 49% of recorded home fires from 2015 to 2019, according to the NFPA. It is the most frequent reason for house fires. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the riskiest times of year for cooking fires.


Space heaters are the primary source of heating-related fires. Fireplaces and furnaces can be dangerous, but space heaters can start a fire by being placed too close to other combustible objects. While furnaces can start a fire in a house, space heaters and fireplaces start heating equipment fires more frequently.


Electrical problems, including defective wiring, are another typical source of home fires. Blinking lights, lights that fade when you turn on appliances, or sparks emanating from an electrical socket are all signs of faulty wiring. 

We have experience in dealing with all fire damage types, big and small. Call us for immediate assistance. 

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Benefits of Immediate Fire Damage Restoration in Orlando

Health Hazard Elimination

The last thing you need after a fire is the odor to linger. Smoke can be hazardous in addition to being unpleasant. You are probably familiar with, if you have ever been near a campfire, how quickly everything in your possession begins to smell like you have been living next to a wildfire.

It’s crucial to hire a Orlando fire damage restoration company as soon as possible to remove odors from your house before they become too pervasive.

Property Value Increase

Fire damage will obviously cause the value of your property to drop if left untreated. The longer you put off fire damage restoration, the worse the damage will get. This is why it’s so crucial to act immediately. 

Entire property value can be restored, and in some cases even improved, after your property has underwent fire damage restoration. If you’ve experienced fire damage in Orlando and need a restoration service, call Eastern Water Restorations immediately!

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Why Pick us for Orlando Fire damage restoration

24/7 Services

We’re available to you, your family, friends, acquaintances, and fellow citizens in Orlando around the clock, 24/7/365. No time is too late or too early for our crew of dedicated restoration specialists. If you’re experiencing an emergency situation, call us right away, regardless of the time on the clock. 

Professional Team

Our team of professional, dedicated, hard working restoration technicians is licensed, trained, and experienced in the works of fire and smoke damage restoration. Our team knows how to serve you and how to do so at a high level. 

Fast response time

We know you have no time to lose. This is why we’ve perfected our responses to emergencies as we know that the first few hours after the disaster are critical. 

We respond to most cases in 60 minutes, usually a lot less. 

FIRE AND SMOKE damage restoration FAqs

We’ve compiled a list of most common questions customers have asked about smoke and fire damage restoration. Here are their answers.

Even if the wire insulation only appears slightly damaged, any melted or damaged wiring needs to be replaced to prevent a secondary electrical fire.

A residue of rapidly cooling particles known as soot is left behind as a fire burns out and the smoke dissipates. Soot typically contains byproducts that initially appear to be unconnected to the original material, but it may also be reflective of what has burned.

Besides acting fast and reporting your loss as quickly as possible, you want to make sure to take inventory of damaged items. To maximize the amount of your house fire insurance claim, this is likely the most important stage to get correctly. Don’t sign anything that implies the amount of your claim is the same as what you first submitted; instead, carefully read any Proof of Loss forms that your insurance agent sends you. Since it could take weeks or months to detail every item that was lost or damaged, you should try to file an initial Proof of Loss with an “undetermined” sum specified.

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration in Orlando FL

If you’re experiencing an emergency situation and don’t have the time to sit through and read the entire website, just give us a call using a number below!

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